Total Eclipse. - Looking for Heroes to Rebuild a Civilization (Players & Corporations)

Greetings capsuleer,

Total Eclipse. is a small but growing upstart alliance based in Providence , and we’re looking for heroes to join us and fight back the hordes of good-for-nothing pirates, smugglers, and moustache-twirling evildoers who plague our home region. As you probably know, in Providence we do things a bit differently because we welcome neutrals to our space to rat, mine, build and trade amongst us.

It might sound like a carebear’s paradise, but Providence is actually one of the most active regions for PvP content in New Eden. We have four connections to empire space, and have played host to an ongoing war for over two years with neither side gaining much ground, so don’t let our NRDS policy fool you, there’s plenty of people to shoot and objectives to contest.

We offer everything from small-gang roams to coalition-scale capital fights, so you’ll never lack PvP content. There’s a range of experience levels and backgrounds in our Alliance, so there’s usually someone around who can help you with anything you’re looking to learn or get involved with.

We offer all the usual amenities of a sov null home, including moon mining, anom ratting, industry, trade, and decent planets so you’ll never struggle to fund what you’re looking to do in Eve.

Firstly and foremostly, we’re looking for Corporations to join us . You should have at least 10 real active people and a willingness to get involved in PvP (but that doesn’t have to be all you do). Capital and supercapital capability are a bonus, but to be honest, the most important thing is cultural fit. We’re very Federated, and unlike many alliances we have no intention to crush your corporate identity or overburden your autonomy, but we are looking for people who will get involved in the alliance community and jump on services, in fleet, and on comms.

Beyond that, we have two corporate offerings for pilots looking for a fresh place to call home:

Katothen. is a small PvP-focused corporation with a “quality over quantity” mentality. We’re looking for experienced PvP pilots with useful alts, a decent amount of time to play Eve, and a willingness to do more than anchor and press F1. Katothen. members are empowered to design their own fleet comps, FC from day one, and help shape the Corporation within an open and robust discussion framework.

Lunar Legion. is a more rounded corporation and is open to most capsuleers. We have a strong focus on teaching and learning, with several guides on our forum and more in progress. We have no SP requirements and only expect members to attend a minimum of one fleet every month. If you’re a newbro, a returning player, a builder, a miner, or someone else looking for a family in Eve, come talk to us.

Killboard (Total Eclipse) -

Killboard (Katothen) -

Discord -


Lots of new faces around here, are you going to be one of them? :slight_smile:

Loads of content yesterday, here’s to plenty more!

Come join us, we’re having a load of fun.

Nice people! Personally i love to fly with them. o7

I’ve been with Katothen for over three months and have never regretted it. A great group of people to fly with.

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