Small WH/Hisec Corp looking to expand


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We are a small corp looking for players to join us in our WH for future expansion into better holes with more chances of PVP

Currently we reside in a C2 with Hi/C1 statics, But we are looking to move into a C4 with at least a Nullsec static and hopefully C3-5 static for better PVP possibilities :smiley:
Not only do we operate in WH space we also have guys in Hisec doing everyday mission running and Industrial stuff as well as incursion running etc so not purely limited in WH life only.

Mainly EU tz but we do have a couple US players as well would be nice to expand on all tz’s though.

If your interested in joining a small corp with no major requirements looking to have some fun in WH’s as well as doing bits and bobs in hisec etc, Then join our in game chat channel for recruitment: Royal Chatter


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We are still recruiting,

Looking to add to our US tz as well as topping up on EU members also.

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