Smart Bombs that Neut as well as Normal Bombs that neut

I think it would be a new toy and lots of tactics could arise from Neuting Smart Bombs and Neuting normal bombs.

So if an anchored fleet got caught by a neuting bomb all would lose cap. Logistics could be targetted by Neut Bombs. Faux could be targetted as these tend to be a bit too overpowered.

With regards to the smart bombs they should come in all sizes right up to capital. The capital ones having nice range. To temper their power they could require high skills and or have terrible fitting.

I also think they should all have a mutiplier effect. So a neut SB or neut Bomb does 1 x effect to frigs 2 x effect to cruisers 3 x effect to BS and so on. This will mix the meta right up and change what is the highest threat on the field of battle.
Ceptors rushing BS groups with neut SBs and so on.

These I my original thoughts and I am sure the delightful people on the forum can add to the idea to make it work.

There are neuting bombs.
And there is counter-play to those.
However smart bombs do not have the same kind of counter-play, and AOE Ewar of that sort is far more powerful, especially when you are proposing that it makes life even worse for Battleships that are already one of the weakest subcap classes in the meta overall.

I forgot about Void.

I am sure there can be some tweaking to it and counters developed for BS.
I am aiming my ideas at harming logis and be that capital or normal.
All suggestions of course are welcome and I think the idea of Neut Smart bombs adds another dimension to the game.

The question would then be why anyone would choose sub-cap neuting SBs over regular Neuts when trying to deal with logis. I imagine trying to AOE neut spider-capping logistics would be so pointless (since neuting SBs would have their ammount drastically reduced) that no one would use them.
And I would further imagine that cap-sized neuting SBs wouldn’t even be possible since the area and the amount neuted would still be so big it could render sub-cap fleets useless on the spot.

I like the concept, a lot actually, but I’m not sure there is room for aoe neuting within the range of normal neuting.

But e-war bombs would be inherently more powerful on battleships. Might have been a better idea than the other battleships gimmicks.

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