Smart WH Ops - C4 Pulsar [C3/C5-S]

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Weird Corp, joined their pub channel and ask about recruitment and got pretty much instantly banned from their pub channel o.O

If we blocked you… we had a reason to… I don’t remember you off hand, but as far as I know, we have only ever blocked 2 people, and without going into why because it may embarrass somebody, we had REALLY good reasons for both. Take care and fly safe m8

I literally only said hi and asked if you are recruiting, second question was if you have generally many war decs and thats literally it. So if you call this a reason I really don’t know…

I would really like to know what the reason was.

We are picky on our future friends, but will gladly take good lads in ! BUMP !


Available on discord today for any questions


We are primarily interested in players that want to chain scan and roam. ISK farming is easy so looking for people that want a challenge…

Looking for more and available for discord chat if wanted. No worries


All you need is an apoc, and your instantly in.

Dropping in a fort here soon !

Discord preferred




Pretty active group for a bunch of old men!!! :smiley:

Lets see… Three corps allied and working smoothly within operations and logistics… GG

Join the sausage fest !

The Wranglers, wrangled, and the ugly. All wanted lol