Smartbombing rock havens

(Cyber Wulf) #1

Is it still possible to make decent ISK smartbombing rock havens with the changes to their design?
I’m not sure when it happened, but they have removed the top half now and I’m thinking the rats will just spread out once they warp in.
Has anyone found success with the new design?

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Which changes to their design? At least in Guristas space they are still the closed rock cages.

I don’t know about other pirate space, but in Guristas space it is still possible, it still generates supercarrier-level ticks, but you still need at least 4 large ships to do it efficiently.

(Cyber Wulf) #3

So are Angel havens the only ones that got changed?
I assumed it happened everywhere.

(Rivr Luzade) #4

I just checked a Cage Haven in my system to be sure. Maybe it’s a glitch as I don’t see any mentioning of layout changes to Havens in the last 3 updates.

Would be kind of weird though to only remove the structures for one specific pirate faction. If it’s not a glitch and intentional, I think you are better off with smartbombing Forsaken Hubs and Forsaken Rally Points instead. They have no cages but the waves start out very concentrated on one single spot. Even less spread out and less bouncy than in Cage Havens.

(Cyber Wulf) #5

This is what I get in Angel rock havens.

(Cyber Wulf) #6

They use to look like this:

(system) #7

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