< SNAKE HUNTERS > 0% Tax PvP Strikeforce Recruiting Pilots & Industrial / Miners

Greetings Operatives. My name is Applejacked, and I have recently started a corporation dedicated to hunting down all stations and other valuable assets of players who lack integrity, and are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want.

If you or anyone you know has need of our services to deliver the righteous hand of Justice, then please contact me ASAP to get the ball rolling. I’m always ready and waiting to help anyone who is in need of some Righteous Retribution & Revenge!

If you are a pilot looking for a New Corporation and are interested in joining < SNAKE HUNTERS > Here is a list of positions that are currently available to apply for:

  • Fleet Commander Alpha

  • Fleet Commander Bravo

  • Fleet Commander Charlie

  • Covert-Ops Fleet Commander Alpha

  • Covert-Ops Fleet Commander Bravo

  • Covert-Ops Fleet Commander Charlie

  • Tactical Strike Force Alpha

  • Tactical Strike Force Bravo

  • Tactical Strike Force Charlie

  • Fleet Pilots

  • Covert-Ops Pilots

  • Tactical Strike Force Pilots

Industrial We are also in need of people who can manage and oversee the production of our ships and ammunition, as well as people to make sure those ships are in the right place, at the right time.

  • Industrial Foreman Alpha (Ships)
  • Industrial Foreman Bravo (Ammunition)
  • Industrial Foreman Charlie (Drones & Supplemental)

-Mining Foreman Alpha (Highesec Ore)
-Mining Foreman Bravo (Lowsec Ore)
-Mining Foreman Charlie (Nullsec / Wormhole Ore & Gas)

-Industrial Worker (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Teams)
-Mining Worker (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Teams)

o7 Operatives, fly safe, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

– This message will self-destruct in T-10 Seconds –

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