-SNCF is currently recruting- Caldari based with own stations

We are recruiting in the following areas

  • Miners
  • PI / Manufacturing
  • PvP Pilots
  • Fleet Commanders (orca/boost and PvP fleet leader)
  • PvE Missions / Conduit / Abyss etc


  • We are looking to fill gaps in our TimeZone, recruiting for between 08:00 to ~ 20:00 EvE Time!

  • Any Timezone welcome however!

We are a friendly, active group, looking for like minded people,
New player, old player, alpha or omega, it does not matter.
Players of all levels / age / region welcome…

Discord is required!

You can drop an EvE mail to a recruiter, or join SnCF Public for a chat!

Still open

still room for plenty more

Sounds like the name of the French train company :smiley:

Good luck with the corp

Thanks :slight_smile:

daily bump

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