Snowballs not loading properly?

  • Since today’s update the festival launchers don’t always recognise the fact that they’ve been loaded with snowballs - the snowballs appear on the fitting-screen icon but not on the associated ‘loading indicator’, and shooting those snowballs doesn’t register in ‘Capsuleers hit’.

Anyone else seeing this ?

eta: Reported as bug EBR-187621

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Backpedalling a bit - the 'hit’s are registering OK now, but the loading bar still isn’t showing snowballs loaded.

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I still have problems with hits registering over 200 snowballs less than 10 registered (several accounts)

Maybe your not packing them together hard enough before loading, also try using wet snow usually helps more, dry snow just crumbles apart and has very little impact.


Could be this yellow snow I found behind the pub, I suppose…

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put a stone in the center before packing the snow makes for a better ball

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Then make it yellow, cutting a loose hole towards the center for the stone to fly out of it’s core upon impact.

Only one hit per player is required, any other hits on the same player doesn’t count.

Also make sure you have auto-fire option set to off so you don’t waste any snowballs.

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I only hit once for each capsuler; still i have now used well over 300 snowballs and still got less than 10 scores

And I have the settings to off , so I dont shoot more than one snowball

OK, just thought I’d mention it.

As for the issue, maybe try clearing your cache files in Esc menu and also verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files in the Launcher’s shared cache.

that’s a great idea; thanks much!!

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It’s a good idea to do that after Launcher updates, helps remove little annoying bugs.

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