EveOnline, the most hardcore MMO video game

… where people throw snowballs at each other to level up!




If we have to target other players instead of just NPCs, I look forward to all the concording

Snowballing other players does NOT summon CONCORD. Just like fireworks.


These aren’t snowballs, they are tribbles!


I fired all my snowball launchers at once while my ship was at a standstill. The snowballs stayed where they were but damn my ship shot off into the distance! New type of MJD!!

Not forget to mention that some people are whining about melted snowballs from previous events and accuse CCP of theft…

Stealing virtual snowballs by changing the statuts of THEIR(CCP’s) property by setting the status to “melted” is a serious buisness for some…

This game gets dumber and dumberer after every update. Get skill points by hitting an NPC ship with a snowball. How immersive. I guess their art work says it all, the 13 days of Eve pilots look like Pokemon Go trainers.

I have no problem with free skill points just with those “ccp stole my snowballs” guys…

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It is when they retaliate with something more than snawballs tho.


I meant the targeting a noob, and they panic and open fire with weapons.

Noobs don’t panic and open fire with weapons. They panic and run away.

Just sayin’


Indeed and also noobs don’t put their safeties to red either.

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Which isn’t happening,
because the default protection setting prevents that.

If you now respond with the stupid argument that they’re all switching it to red,
then I’m just going to ignore it, because it’s really dumb.

I was making a light hearted statement about a highly unlikely situation. But I forgot what end of the spectrum I was dealing with.

I’m sorry … it really didn’t look like it.

I think you are underestimating what new player in game can do. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have had new players shooting me and get concorded for killing the ships in “their” site. So not every new guy is completely reasonable.

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No worries, context is lost in forum postings. Believe me, I don’t take any of this seriously.

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