So Is CCP just giving stuff to alliances now?

18,963,077,005.57 ISK to one alliance… I know it’s GM week but really???

WOW … just WOW


TBH I am, this was unheard of 6 years ago when I stopped playing after 10 years of active subscription.

and another… ( sorry but this is a piss take… no wonder alliances are so huge if this is how CCP GM’s etc favour them

If you had been better, faster, better prepared, more organized, part of a better active group with more actual PVP capabilities… then you might have killed them before they did.

But you aren’t, you didn’t and you don’t. So what did you expect?


Was about to post the same. Hopefully they will play with the rest of the player base and not just the brown nosing alliances.
kinda weird that they just happened to rock up in black rise with a ■■■■ load of titans when the devs are roaming.

When 3 ships group up and get killed by a bigger or more capable group, it generally means they are killed by one alliance. Again, what did you expect?

Don’t be mad because someone else was better, faster, less lazy, better prepared or better informed than you. They made the active choice to be that way, they put in the effort to be able to perform that way. All you seem to do is blame others for why you can’t do what they do.

You guys realize these are just flavor items. The only thing that’s actually worth is the PLEX.

These are just meme items that rich bored people will buy off the market at jokes. They’re only worth as much as what these people are willing to spend on 'em. And given the historical sales, it’s almost nonexistent.

GMs aren’t giving stuff to alliances, stop being this dumb.




Live events in more than a single timezone. :upside_down_face:

Expecting forum whiners to not be dumb? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats like expecting people to read the patchnotes

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If they wanted to “just give stuff” to large alliances, they could have spawned their ships in major alliance HQ systems, and gone back to answering support tickets.

Stop rumor mongering, this was a random roam as part of GM Week.


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