So what happened to the CFC?

Left the game three years ago, CFC happily surveying the swathes of space they controlled as a united coalition of alliances. Log in a month ago, splintered and torn. Goons in Delve and no longer controlling 75% of nullsec…

So, from a genuinely interested ex-CFC pilot, what the hell happened?

Seriously, I only went to put the kettle on…


Well I fought in the war on the CFC side so here goes…this is going to be long.

Well for starters CFC is now called Imperium and has for long enough that some players when we say CFC may actually not know who your talking about.

So lets start.
Goon leadership think it may have been mittens himself managed to piss of one of the big bankers in eve I think it was Iron bank but anyway.
Said banker proceeded to pay everyone willing to fight the Imperium and formed the money badger coalition to fight the Imperium.

We in the Imperium saw the writing on the wall as we where fighting a huge force compared to the size of the Imperium and if we had tried to hold our ground we would have lost so we decided not to.
We started pulling our assets out into lowsec and striking back from there all the while getting our ■■■■ out.

The money badger coalition promised all sorts of things like getting rid of the blue donut and the oppressive nature of the imperium but goons new it was not true and mittens openly said so and so did many others and low and behold the money badger coalition has now formed an even bigger more oppressive blue donut up in the north.

In the aftermath of the war the Imperium made the choice to go down to Delve and build up again and have largely been untouched down there for all the money badger talked of wiping out goons they did not even try to do the job right.

And now the Imperium has gone north for war to attack those that once attacked them along with Test though Test and the Imperium are not friends they have effectively called a truce because they are both hitting the same people so no reason to waste resources on each other.

I was a super pilot in the Imperium during the war and do wish I had seen more action but once we where in lowsec and the call was made to live in Delve I sold my super and now I live in wormholes and watch the drama from Bob’s holy space.


Indeed, as soon as we saw the writing on the wall, we evacuated to lowsec, and continued to fight a war of attrition for many months there, with the goal of being as cancerous as possible so that our enemies would not have fun, and would hopefully lose the will to live.

It wasn’t enough of course, but our leadership insisted we would not give our assembled enemies the big decisive battle that they promised, and, we kept the bulk of our assets intact.

When we’d had enough of this, and we thought the rest of EVE was tired of fighting, we retook space down in Delve that had historically been part of our empire, and consolidated into basically a region and a half of space that is extremely defensible because of the natural choke points in that region of space.

After settling back into Delve, our pilots started rebuilding their personal warchests, our corporations and alliances started rebuilding their warchests, and our shipyards kicked into overdrive as we dug in deep and expected all the people that drove us out of the north to close in on us again in the south, but they never did, and we kept getting fatter and lazier as it became clear that we were waiting for a war that wasn’t coming.

At this point, we’ve lost interest in holding half the region in the game, because under the current sov mechanics, you need to pack pilots in space like sardines in a can to have any chance of holding that space against a concerted attack - in the north, we not only had everyone else in EVE against us, we also were too spread out to mount a viable defense.

However, we do have a score to settle with those that took away our homes, and, now that we’re not fighting an enemy with near-infinite financial reserves anymore, we’re back in the fight - not to take back the space, but to make holding it miserable for those who took it from us.


Yea just not doing to well hitting back without your super fleet though I can understand not getting them involved no one wants another B-R I was in that fight in my super and ■■■■ doing a fight like that again.

I see. Thanks guys.

Where we do well is in attrittion warfare, because we can sustain our losses far longer than our enemies can sustain theres. There’s a reason we’re mostly in Typhoons - they are affordable, they don’t have a significant supply bottleneck since they are T1 ships, and even if we won’t always win the ISK war, you won’t kill them without taking some losses in the process.

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Will be resubbing sometime this year when RL permits but a general cfc question if i may. I left a few months after the fountain war and our move south. Was pretty burned out. where the hell did convicted go? I will initially cut my teeth in fw to learn the meta but where and who are the autz corps in imperium nowdays?

So here is a question, if groups like IRC/ED back in the day held off all 0.0 why are goon so bitches that they ran to low sec instead of fighting. Its simple, without massive numerical superiority Goon sucks donkeyballs. Their own actions and decision-making process in this event proves it. Thank you goon for proving you are ONLY a blob entity, and on top of that One without ANY BALLS.

But yah the blue donuts are getting rediculous everywhere. They need to come up with a mechanic to remove coalitions (limit amount of blues per corp or something, that would be the best thing for eve) cut down the size of the massive failscades and get back to actually flying ships instead of f1’ing everything after keep at range.

On the bright side, most blood gear is dirt cheap.