So you want to get into roleplay?

As in the OP, I recommend not fretting too much about making yours deep or certainly correct when you start out. The massive amounts of stuff established players have out have also been grown over several years. We’ve all been there and will gladly help you along (except for the people who don’t but just ignore them :P).

Welcome to the show.


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Edited to add: So how does one get into RP?

As this is EVE, the least hassle way to start roleplay is to just join some RP / in-character channels that are also comms channels in-character, and start chatting to other pilots while you go about your normal EVE business - which can, and in most RPers opinion should, be practically always taken as happening in-character. The Summit and Intergalactic Summit are two channels you can use for that, but there are others (the difference is that one is player-ran and the other CCP owned). The often has invitations for public roleplaying events you can also join. Once you are in it for a bit, you can see if you want to join or form a roleplaying corporation of some kind (or maybe promote RP in your current corporation), and find more channels and groups to interact with. If you already know what faction / type of play you want and that you want into an RP corporation, you can also start looking for them directly (see below for how to get in contact with players OOC to ask for pointers).


Added linky:

There is a (not exclusive) list of some other in-character channels on the Backstage forums.

Dono if i should or could do some advertising here about that i am building up a player government that is based opon roleplaying player made lore based on the eve lore?

Just want to create an awareness of it so more people can get into roleplay more easely.
(can i link it here? the link goes to the recruitment channel)

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Thanks for offering, but I’d rather keep this thread clear of recruitment for particular organizations / factions. There are so many of possible organizations and old ones die and new ones are founded all the time, and keeping such lists clear and informative for new players in the long run is a lot of work, especially on a forum where I cannot edit / remove other players’ posts.

I will gladly link to a separate list of roleplaying corporations that currently recruit, if there is one, as long as it is maintained somewhat up-to-date.

I have been very interested in the lore and roleplaying in game but I have three concerns:

  1. I don’t feel I know enough about the depth of lore not to put my foot in it and mess it up. How much should a new roleplayer worry about that sort of thing and how easy is it to fix a mess-up?

  2. I’m a member of CODE and enjoy being a member of CODE and the roleplay in game this offers. However, I want to be respectful to the lore/RP community so I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m trolling them by RPing a CODE. agent. Is this a legitimate concern or am I over-thinking it?

  3. Much like when I first started the game, there’s a lot of options as to where to start when roleplaying but not a lot of guidance. Whilst I know from LARP that you get out what you put in, is it easier to start in the IGCs, on here or at backstage? What routes do many people take?

Sorry if this was the wrong place to ask but it felt appropriate.


I would say it’s appropriate here because those are questions that many new RPers will have. I’m new myself and had 2 out of 3 of them. (But if @Elsebeth_Rhiannon wants to move these posts, I’m totally good with that.)

I’m going to answer from a newbie POV, so if any OGs want to add in as well, please do!

  1. It’s totally okay to not know much lore. Rather than attempting to learn all of the lore for all of the empires/organizations/etc, you might want to look over just the lore that’s immediately important to your character, develop the backbones of a backstory, and then wing it on the rest—as someone else said, you could say that your character has been a pilot but hasn’t been paying attention to news/current events, which is why she doesn’t know what Case Green Magic is, for example. And if it makes you feel better, I can think of at least a few players who have been RPing here for a decade but still have to refer to the lore articles for stuff. It’s. A lot.

  2. Being a CODE. agent might be difficult in an out-of-character way. In-character, CODE. exists and is widely hated, so your character might have to deal with some bashing before the other characters warm to her. The problem OOC is that we’ve regularly had CODE members interact with us in bad faith, so there may be players who assume bad intent from you. (Full disclosure: I would usually be one of those players.) For example, there are at least a couple of IGCs that have CODE members banned out of hand. So unfortunately, you may be starting at a bit of a negative. But as you build up more credibility for yourself, that will fade.

  3. There’s not a whole lot of difference where you start; I’d say ultimately you should start with wherever you feel most comfortable. My recommendation would be to gain visibility by replying to some topics on the Intergalactic Summit board here, then jumping into a couple of the IGCs. There’s also the Roleplay is Primary Discord server, where there is usually someone to answer questions too. I think there’s an invite link in the OP.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


So I followed your advice, wrote a decent length, carefully worded comment based on what I had researched of the lore and my character’s backstory and it got flagged and then hidden by a moderator for spam. There was no advertising of products or services and I would be glad enough show anyone the comment I wrote to prove this. It was just members and moderators of this community gatekeeping because of my alliance tag.

I don’t understand why the RP community here would want to discourage new people because they don’t like the character they have made - some of the best RP I have had in other games/systems has been with characters I would never want to play myself - but it does make me wonder if it is worth any new player putting in the effort to try.

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I did see that—it looks like someone flagged your post as spam. It doesn’t look like it’s been addressed by a moderator yet (any post that gets flagged for spam is temporarily hidden right away, before a mod gets to it). I personally thought your post was well-written and contributed to the discussion, but it looks like someone disagreed, and also didn’t see your post in this topic asking for help.

I wouldn’t let one bad experience caused by just one person turn you off of the whole RP community. (I had more than a few posts flagged as a newbie as well). Instead, I’d suggest joining the RP Discord and getting to know folks, and letting folks get to know you, so that more people note that you have good intentions despite your alliance tag.

I’ll send you an evemail with more specific ideas as well.


Unfortunately I received a message that stated:

“One or more community members flagged this post, which was then reviewed by moderators before it was hidden, so please consider how you might revise your post to reflect their feedback.”

If a moderator is willing to gate-keep, it reflects badly on the rest of the community.

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That would be disheartening indeed. Since then, though, you also got this (in-character, but likely genuine OOC too) show of support:

Don’t be too quick to judge us. We’re a varied sort, and not all quick to flag.

Edit: And it may be best to move this chat to a different venue before we pull this thread too far from its original purpose.


It is unfortunate that this happened. It was a well written post and whichever whiny ■■■■ reported it should be ashamed of themselves, as should the moderator who apparently reviewed it.


There are some things I agree with my character on. This is one of them. OOCly I am honestly pretty livid, and it reaffirms the view that I have that EVE’s RP scene is the reason EVE’s RP scene has so much difficulty.


I appreciate the support but Melisma Ramijozana is right. We shouldn’t take this topic any further off course than it needs to go.

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Being a member of CODE shouldn’t really be a problem, yes there are sometimes some weird stuff coming from people in CODE (I still find some of it funny though. but some of it just plain stupid) But I can’t see people having a problem with it if you want to respectful. And to the people that say otherwise ■■■■ them.


Some members of CODE use the pretext of RP to try and make other players upset (as opposed to other characters). A lot of people see that as distasteful - while EVE is a harsh game and some upset is inevitable, a lot of players, rp or not, still feel it is bullying and a jerk move to do things to other people with the express purpose of enjoying their tears.

Not all CODE are like that obvs, but CODE accepts that sort of behavior, even encourages it. Thus convincing other players you are not like that might take some time.

It is perfectly doable though.


Absolutely fantastic breakdown by the lovely Ms. Rhiannon. I’m very much looking forward to getting back in the swing of RP. It’s been a long time.


I find that members of CODE (and their many supporters) are the nicest, friendliest, most cooperative people in the game.

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