[SoE-RP] EVE Gate Observatory

EVE Gate Observatory LLC.


To observe and report on the happenings of and around the EVE Gate in the New Eden system of the cluster.

Through daily shifts of sitting in the New Eden system we will generate reports on the fluctuations in light levels, sound waves, and radiation levels coming from the EVE Gate.


EVE Gate Observatory is actively recruiting volunteers to work shifts in the New Eden system. With the dangers of low security space please consider the cost of any vessel onto which you attach your capsule. Our public channel is EVE Gate Observatory.

Non-Aggression Agreement:

You are not allowed to agress anyone unless you are aggressed first. All killmails will need to be reported and explained.

Faction Standings:

EVE Gate Observatory is a neutral entity and will not set any player faction (Amarr, Gallente, Caldari or Minmatar) to have positive or negative standings.

Corporate Standings:

EVE Gate Observatory is open to setting amicable standings to any corporation interested. All standings will be a standard +5 and not higher.

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