Solar energy harvester

(Rek Seven) #1

I have a suggestion for a new type of cap booster charge which would be used with existing cap boosters.

These will be an empty container manufactured by usual means, and can be traded on the market. They will be reusable cap charges but will have a depletion system like laser crystals.

Players will be able to fill these with cap to create a new cap booster charge, by travelling to the sun and harvesting its energy.

A filled solar charge will not be able to be traded on the open market.

The primary target for this new charge is the explorer or nomad wishing to operate out in space for a long time .

EDIT: I thought of a better (more balanced) solar harvesting module…

The module would have no charges and instead hold a reserve of capacitor produced from the sun. When activated, you have a huge amount of cap (maybe infinite) for a limited amount of time. Once the cap has gone, the module is useless and you have to recharge at the sun.

The counter to this would be neutralisers, which would reduce the “time to depletion” count on the module. However, neuts only affect this module when the module is active.

(yellow parasol) #2

I suspect that there needs to be a downside, not to kill the actual cap booster market. Anyhow, given the new glorious looking stars we have now, there really should be some gameplay added around them.


(Cade Windstalker) #3

In order to be balanced these would need some kind of downside over existing cap booster charges in addition to being pretty expensive.

Plus you’d probably need some kind of deployable to actually charge the things, both because waiting for them to charge is boring and not interesting gameplay, because that creates the chance that someone could steal them, and because having someone able to recharge their cap booster charges just because they’re fighting at the sun would be a bit ridiculous and OP.

Also it’s completely ridiculous that you could recharge something by solar radiation without any additional equipment, because the output from a ship’s reactor is way higher than the amount of solar energy that hits the ship.

Maybe make it solar plasma in a magnetic bottle or something equally sci-fi lore flavored, and make the module a siphon that’s literally sucking up solar plasma from the surface.

(Rek Seven) #4

I edited the original post to include what i think is a better idea.

(Old Pervert) #5

Honestly, the amount of power solar can provide is so small it’s irrelevant.

I do like the concept.

As you say for nomadic playstyles, or even just long roams, it allows you to go further without buffing the amount of time you can run an anci module during a fight.

I’d rather just see them get charged by your ship’s reactor and consume ship cap while they’re being charged. Which would open some interesting NOS options. Basically just right-click the stack and choose the “charge” option, which charges them one by one at a rate of 30 seconds per item… enough that the ship’s cap should keep up in most cases.

Would also make remote cap transfers a much more interesting mechanic.

(Rek Seven) #6

Yeah charging from a ships reactor could work but the one reason for making it a solar charged module is that it would create a new battlefield and a reason to go to the sun. Also, the solo guy wishing to recharge would need to go to the sun instead of sitting in a safe spot.

I’m concerned with lore justifications at this point.

(Old Pervert) #7

If I were using an anci fit and I ran out of anci charges (but could charge them) I would not be doing it in a system with people in it. I’d just keep bouncing and running until I could escape them and charge back up.

(Tobseia Johnsen) #8

Proton Matter

Yes excellent idea “StarGate Universe Technology applied in EVE” Another way of fueling ships, stations and maybe individual modules, Ships hangers, drone guard stations, etc for sole miners or mining fleet ships, limit the usage to some areas. Ofcuase skillbooks, upgrades and best of all market values, lol

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(Old Pervert) #9

I don’t… what do you… er… was there a point to any of that rambling? I honestly have no idea what you were even trying to say.