Stellar Harvesters

Saw that captured Stellar Harvester and immediately thought of this:
Derive the technology of the Stellar Harvester into a Upwell Structure (M or L size?) deployable at Stars.
It will then huff the gas products we need for Capital Production passively from the Star.
Decouple Boosters from the existing Gas Ressources and instead make it require new Gas distributed in new Gas Sites.

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This would be so great. CCP completely screwed over the booster market and profession with this ridiculously badly implemented gas usage.

For all I care you could do it like a PI-esque system. Instead of moving around to new resource spots, you get a notification if a damaging sun spot or magnetic anomaly is approaching your harvester scoops. You then have to go there and move then out of the projected path to avoid damage or yield loss.

robbing star gas could be done via siphons. You just need to find a way to prevent the easy detection of their presence. There could be more expensive versions that “hack” the structure and mask the yield loss for a time.

or like an ess and anyone can come rob you of your star gas

Doing CCP game design work again.


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