Solar Winds Community - Hi/Low, Well Rounded, No Elitism

  • Channel: SWTC Lobby

  • Discord:

  • Moon Mining: HiSec/LowSec

  • Mining: HiSec/LowSec/WH.

  • Gas Huffing.

  • WormHole sites.

  • PvP!

  • Industry: T1, T2, reactions, DRUGS!

  • Coming soon: Battleship production!

Solar Winds Community is a growing group of friends who play EVE Online and help eachother. We are a well rounded community; a home for PvPers and PvErs alike. There is no elitism here. We care more about your mindset than we do about killboards or skillpoints.

We are a real life comes first, fun per hour group that operates based on voluntarism: “the theory that a community is best organized by the voluntary cooperation of individuals, rather than by coercion.” We have very few rules, most of which are operational stuff (bookmarking conventions, etc). There is no mandatory participation. Basically, we’re like a social club that hangs out and does things.

Leadership has a combined experience base of 30 human years. For the past 2 months we have been a major player in our area, changing the geopolitical landscape for the better. We are on friendly terms with all the major players near us, and are in the process of joining one of the major alliances.

We operate in HiSec and LowSec. We have access to a plethora of structures and moon mining.

We’re an established group (1+ years) but are still small and growing. We are looking for FCs or people who are interested in FCing, or just people who like organizing activities. Experience not required.

We are looking for well-rounded players: no PvP elitists or anti-PvP krabbers here. All playstyles are valid and vital. Whether you just want people to hang out with, a place to do mining and industry, or PvP operations - we have a place for you.

The community is split into two corporations, but shares 1 Discord server and 1 set of bookmarks. This split is due to WarDec mechanics but otherwise doesn’t matter in the day to do day operations of the group.

Solar Winds Security Solutions [SW-SS]: This is the place for your “PvP mains”, or any characters that you want/don’t mind being eligible for WarDecs.

Solar Winds Trade Conlgomerate [SW-TC]: This is the mining/indy group, the place for toons you want exempt from WarDecs. While focused on PvE, this group is still free to PvP as well.

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