::SW-TC:: USTZ. Mining. Industry. PvP. Newbies Welcome!

:-:-: Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate :-:-:

Part of a growing LowSec coalition.

  • USTZ.
  • HiSec/LowSec/WHs.
  • In-game Channel: SWTC Lobby
  • Contacts: Xuixien

Why join? Simple…

EVE Online is changing at a rapid rate, right before our eyes, and there are opportunities lurking around every corner. In the past 10 years there hasn’t been a better time to get started in EVE. Or if you’ve played in the past and put it down, now is a good time to give the game a second look. Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate (SW-TC) is here to support new players, returning players, and veteran players trying something new in their endeavors.

Founded on the principle that a group is only as strong its members, SW-TC is seeking to grow its small but dedicated team of operatives. Led by a board of directors with over 30 years of combined experience navigating the breadth of the cluster and plying a variety of trades, SW-TC is widely respected for its ability to deliver projects on-schedule, under budget and with complementary killmails.

Currently operating on the frontiers of civilized space, we are focused on:

  • Mining Ops: Ninja mining, tactical mining: LowSec, WH, and Moonpoop.
  • WormHole day-farming.
  • Developing the area of space we inhabit.
  • Establishing relations with neighbors.
  • Growing our member base.
  • And making buckets of ISK.

We’re looking for people who like a variety of activities in the game. Miners will especially like the opportunities offered by Solitude. You will never be told that “this is a PvP corp, make money on your alts”: in fact, we will help you learn how to support yourself and assist you in your endeavors. You’ll never get yelled at for taking the initiative and forming up a fleet to shoot people: we want to facilitate player agency. We’re not a “PvP corp”, we’re not a “mining corp” or an “indy corp” or a “mission corp”. We’re a group that plays EVE Online.

SW-TC is a corporation lead by a group of friends who have been playing the game together for a number of years. We are a real life comes first corp. Both the CEO and myself are graduate students as well as content creators (the CEO streams, I have an EVE blog) so we understand. There are no activity requirements what so ever. Your only obligation is to hang out, have fun, and be cool.

We are very interested in recruiting people who like to make things happen - people who will organize fleets for mining, PvP, and other activities. No experienced required: tell us your idea and we’ll help you make it happen.

Join our in-game channel: SWTC Lobby or reach out to me in-game.

Just a quick bump. I wrote a bit about life in Solitude and our plans for SW-TC in my blog.

We’re already starting to grow. Come see why!

Also, we now have access to more moon mining and compression facilities. Come munch on some juicy Crokite and moonpoop with us!

More updates on the blog to come.

There hasn’t been a better time to get started in EVE Online in almost a decade. If you’re new, give us a shout and come hang out with us!

Bump. OP updated. Looking for more miners and builders.

Lots of opportunities in Solitude.

Come join us!

Currently researching BPOs. The plan is to be able to provide free mining/PvP/exploration packages to newbies.

A more positive perspective on the upcoming industry changes, and how we plan to use them to help newbies and grow our organization:

Daily bump.

Once things are up and running (just have a few BPOs to research), all new members will be getting free tech1 ships for PvP and mining.

Major Update: We are joining an Alliance!!!

Come get that cheddar!

We are now a part of the Greater Solitude Commonwealth.

Come make Solitude great again!

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