<<<encoded transmission detected on open sub-subspace communications frequencies>>>

Your communications systems have received an incoming corporate recruitment bulletin

Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate is open for recruitment.

Led by a board of directors with 20 years of combined experience navigating the breadth of the cluster, Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate (SW-TC) is widely respected for its ability to deliver projects on-schedule, under budget and with complementary killmails. Currently operating out of sovereign null security space, we are focused on supporting ongoing alliance operations by providing:

· Military-Industrial Logistics Support
· Tactical Asset Deployment
· Aggressive Negotiation Services
· J-Sig Security Consultation
· Targeted Intelligence Procurement

Founded on the principle that a group is only as strong its members, SW-TC is seeking to grow its small but dedicated team of operatives. Contact a regional recruitment officer today to see if you are a good fit for our organization. Applicants will be considered based on prior experience and industry-standard aptitude evaluation techniques.


· Active Nightly 7pm - to Midnight (-5 GMT) Eastern NA, more on weekends.
· Considered to some as “Roleplay-Lite”
· Friendly eh (Canadians), Non-toxicity, no elitism, etc.

Veteran players, thousands of kills, extensive knowledge, lots of laughs, and expertise in all aspects of the game looking to pick up a couple players to share our Eve Experience™ with. We are all adults (30-45ish) looking for someone whose personality meshes well with ours. Our small team of operatives work together as a cohesive unit to achieve short and long-term objectives.

What we’re looking for:

· Pilots of the friendship
· Activity/Compatible Playtimes
· A good attitude

If you’re looking for a small group of pilots to socialize with on a nightly basis than come meet us on our recruitment discord.

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