SW-TC: Live that LowSec Lifestyle

Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate (SW-TC).

We are a real life comes first, “fun per hour” corporation predicated on the philosophy of voluntarism, also known as volunteerism: “the theory that a community is best organized by the voluntary cooperation of individuals, rather than by coercion.” SW-TC can best be described as a social club of people who play EVE Online. There is no mandatory participation. Our leadership structure is very loose and deals mostly with diplomacy and the administrative aspects of setting things up for our members. Basically, we hang out and do things.

Leaderships consists of seasoned veterans with a wide breadth of experience who have known each other for a couple of years. Our oldest director has been playing the game since 2006, our youngest since 2013. We are located in an area of Solitude known as “The Crown” which contains a mix of HiSec and LowSec systems.

We’re looking for well-rounded, social players who do a mix of PvE and PvP - but we will not turn away pure PvE or pure PvP pilots. Our ideal member doesn’t ask “is there a fleet? what are we doing?” but instead logs in and, seeing no fleet, says “hey guys I’m forming a fleet, who wants to do X or Y?

Most of us are USTZ, but timezone doesn’t matter. We’re experienced PvPers, but killboards don’t matter. I have no life and play all day, but activity levels don’t matter. Expertise doesn’t matter although we are limited in our capacity to train newbros at the moment.


PvP -

Presently we share our systems with a hostile entity that we are in the process of encouraging to move. They are mostly AUTZ, so if you like to PvP and are active in the mornings or late evenings (USTZ), there are ample opportunities for pewpew. There are also plans in the work for regular PvP roams (and of course, as a voluntarist corp, anyone is free to put a fleet together anytime they want).

CCP is planning to open a new gate from Eggheron to Kenninck, which would connect The Crown to Placid. This will bring more content to our area of space and open up more opportunities for roaming. We are very excited about this and have decided to start open recruitment in anticipation of it.


Everyone’s gotta make their daily bread. Solitude is actually a pretty decent place to make money. There is a large, contiguous area of LowSec full of ore anoms and gas clouds, and we live right next to two consecutive ice systems. Our HiSec base has 20 belts, and they are always fat. We have done a decent job of driving away hostiles who used to occupy the area south of us and now operate mostly with impunity throughout Solitude. We also do daytripping into C3 and C4 WHs and have access to LowSec moon mining.

We would love to recruit some industrialists who do either Tech1 or Tech2 invention! While we have logistics covered, it’s always great to have people who can make stuff “in house”.

Join our in-game channel SWTC Lobby or send me an EVEMail.

We also have a website I guess: solarwindstc.com. This makes us an official, real corp!

Hello, Lord Captain Commander of Solar Winds here to add corrections to this long and misleading recruitment post.

I have no idea what a low-sec lifestyle is. No one does.

This is the best way to get in touch.

We are looking for players who are having fun in Eve. We don’t care what your PvE/PvP mix is. Do what you want. Don’t troll reddit though.

‘Access to Moon Ore’ means moon ore is stolen from locals who can’t protect themselves.

There is no Tech 1 Invention… I don’t know what Xuixien is talking about.

The area is diverse, with easy access to NPC null to pick fights with CVA, or high sec for mellow mission running. The new gate will hopefully bring more traffic and conflict. And we will have our name on it! (Mostly thanks to Xuixien and the alt army.)


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We’re adding some new programs to the Solar Winds Trading Conglomerate course listings.

If you join SW-TC you will be able to:

  • Learn how to fit a CovOps ship properly (Hint: fly a Cheetah)
  • Understand NPC standings and how NPCs will react to you
  • Learn strategies for safely transporting BPOs, such as “Hey, can you put these in your Jump Freighter?”

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bunch of casuals.

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Does that mean that this corp is no good to join?

One of our members wrote the original post and we are now just trolling him on here. For example…

Today he lost a BS to a BC for no good reason…

If you want to chat, join the discord I linked and say hello. :grin:

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Can confirm. We’re sh-tlers. Come be bad with us.

(Also I’m a GQ model.)

This whole corp is just Xuixien alts. This explains it.

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Not only is this corp all of Xuixien’s alts, but she has another corp also full of alts.

Come PvP with Xuixien and her army of alts!

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You’re warping to the gate
There’s no one around and Local chat is dead
Out of the corner of your eye you spot them
Xuixien’s alts

They’re following you, about 10 klicks back
They form a conga line and break into a burn
They’re gaining on you
Xuixien’s alts

You’re looking for a wormhole but you’re all turned around
They’re almost upon you now
And you can see there’s catas on their face
My God, there’s catas everywhere!

Camping on this gate (with Xuixien’s alts)
They’re brandishing a scram (it’s Xuixien’s alts)
Lurking in the ice field
Solitude superstars Xuixien’s alts

Living in the belts (Xuixien’s alts)
Killing for sport (Xuixien’s alts)
Eating all the Veldspar
Actually just one guy Xuixien’s alts

There will be a LowSec moon to ninja mine in our backyard in a day or two. :slight_smile:

War has come to Solitude again. This one is the War of Tears. Come harvest some delicious salt with us.

We just keep growing.

The most influential group in Solitude.

Looking for those late night zombies to come hang out with us.

Still growing. Now with YEET FLEET filament roams.

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