Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate -- USTZ Social corp

Hi there,

SW-TC is a social corp that is active in the EST / USTZ. We are currently living in a mix of High and Low sec space in an island. We utilize wormholes and take advantage of all space in our area.

We offer a varying array of activities. Our unique location in space allows:

Wormhole: exploration and pvp

Mission Running: level 1 – 4 agents

Ratting: Belts, anoms and escalations.

Mining and Industry

Roaming Null and other areas of space for PVP

What we are looking for:

We are looking for active pilots in the EST / USTZ. We require maturity and a personality. Skills and SP are not mandatory. We are newbro friendly. We care more about your personality meshing with our corp then your SP or Killboard. As we are mostly a social organization, coms are mandatory. We are looking for people who can be engaging and active. Please reply or dm me with any questions or inquiries.

Fly Safe.

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