SOLD - 12.7M Indy/Miner

Ugly Beach Aldurald - 12.7mil SP

Focus: Mining/Industry
Total SP: 12,729,662 Skillpoints
Allocated SP: 12,671,662 Skillpoints
Unallocated SP: 58,000 Skillpoints
Wallet Balance: 1 ISK
Asssets: None
Security Status: 0.0
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None (No Skills)
Current Augs: +3 Implant Set
Remaps Available: 2
Location: Jita 4-4

Available: NOW

Bid: 5b
Buyout: 7b

Will consider all reasonable offers.

EDIT: Added Prices
EDIT: 2nd account removed, no longer for sale.

Confirm I am for sale.

Confirm I am for sale.

Ugly Beach: 5b offer, b/o maybe?

Ugly Beach Aldurald: 6b offer

Ugly: 7b b/o

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Hi Paczki, I accept your offer if it still stands.
Lets chat in-game.

Perfect thank you! In-game mail sent.

Contacted Paczki ingame and began process of transferring account.
Awaiting transfer of ISK to proceed.

Isk Sent.

Confirmed received ISK. Starting transfer now.

Transferred started and email received.
Happy flying in 10hrs time!

Thank you! Email received.

Character received, transfer complete. Thanks again!

No problem at all, pleasure doing business with you! Fly safe o7


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