Needing solid offers, not silly ones thanks.

Located in HS 4 jumps from Dodixie.

Positive wallet.
230 skins.
No kill rights.
1 Jump clone in present station.
5 Implants
1 Remap.

Absolute minimum of 100b to reflect the skins.

Assets where not allowed , only the Charakter and Skin are allowed for transfer here .

Fix the link for the skillsheet please.

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Done, sorry for the mix up.

Still for sale.

Still for sale, open to reasonable offers.

Been away, still for sale but under offer.

How do i Check which skins this account holds ?

Not entirely sure, but it’s now 232 skins.

Tried to copy the list from the personalisation tab but can’t, I don’t know if a mod could verify the number.

Sold to a private buyer.

Transfer in progress.