SOLD 13,6m indy char

(Susanna Cash) #1


Looking for a buyer for Susanna.

Located in Jita, positive wallet, no killrights.

Looking for upwards of 10B.

Emails please send to @Frank_Pannon .

(Susanna Cash) #2

Let!s bump this upwards.

(Captainamazing) #3

9b bo isk ready online now

(Susanna Cash) #4

Ezzy bump

(necocat Meow) #5

Ill do a flat 10bill mate

(Susanna Cash) #6


If nothing else comes through by tomorrow evening, Meow can have his ways with me.

(Susanna Cash) #7

Meow, 10B offer still stands?

(necocat Meow) #8

Yeah. Ill be ready in 3-4 hrs

(PostWithYourMain) #9

10b if offer falls through

(necocat Meow) #10

everything sent. Apologies for delay, was dragged out of house to mind little ones.

(Susanna Cash) #11

I fell asleep, initiating transfer to Meow now.

(system) #12

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