SOLD - 17mill Thantos/Nyx sitter

Selling Thanatos/Nyx sitter

Positive balance
Located in high sec station
No kill rights
Good standing

starting at 18B - I pay transfer

11.5bil ready

Sorry I would like to have more

i’d pay more if it has fighter skills :frowning:

11,6 offer )

I’ll offer 13b b/o

Thanks for the offer but will wait for a better one

I’m not gonna pay 18b, so figure out how low you will accept & we can both get this show on the road :wink:

My max offer is 16b, am going to bed so will see your answer in the morning

I will contact you ingame tomorrow

no fighters or heavy fighters? my offer is 16.5


Contact me ingame when you are online

Isk & account details sent

ISK received - transfer initiated

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