SOLD 18.1mil SP 2008 toon, PVP with skillbooks for Amarr carrier

Life can take turns not expected as a result Y’Quiel here is not up for sale the direction she was taking is no longer required and perhaps some one else can find a good use for her.

She has been in an NPC corp for a while now.
Located in 4-4
Has no active kill rights in either direction
Does come with a lovely naughty security status, up to you if you like that fixed :wink:
Also has a small bounty of 150mil on her head which we all love cause it just looks nice.
Her standings are not to great as is to be expected from some one blowing up a lot of things in low sec.
Her wallet is positive.
No currently jump clones installed anywhere she simple sits in her current +4 clone
She does have 3 bonus remaps available.

Account is currently alpha, but will be made Omega for the transfer requirements.

Starting bid at 14bil to clear the extraction threshold.

14B, -9 sec status is going to take some work.

14B highest bid thank you and yeah bit of work or a bunch of tags.

Up she goes.

An other bump

16 Billion buyout offer

By end of day if nothing else show sup I will accept the 16B offer.

@V3nd3tt4_Amouh Offer accepted, if you are still go please transfer the funds and account information and I will start the transfer.

sounds great will be on shortly

Isk and account name sent

@V3nd3tt4_Amouh Transfer started

email confirmation received. Thanks

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