All rules CCP apply.

WTS myself.
all skills here - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DarckNeville
pass - 15987
Amarr Carrier Perfect.
2 remaps.
Positive Wallet
No-kill rights
Positive security status

Give good offer plz.

Lets start with 80 bils

Buyout 90 bills

80 bil isk ready


Thanks for yours offers. Lets see maybe someone give more isks.

Buyout LOWER to 95 bils - Anyone?

buyout down to 90 bills :frowning:

84 bil agreed

ISk and Account name for transfer received - SOLD for KAZIM - bid 84 bills.

Starting Transfer.

Transfer started. Check your account plz.

Account email received. Thank you.

Thanks for your Bid too and Fly safe.

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