[SOLD] 2012 Minmatar Starter - 4.86M SP + 1.435M Unallocated

This pilot is for sale. I hope to conclude the sale at or near 13 April 2020.


Clean corp history
1 Remap + 2 Bonus
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Docked in Hek

I will receive ISK. I will pay Transfer Fee. All other CCP rules apply.


Would you accept 3bil b/o?

Is this still for sale? 3.5b

still available?

Apologies for the delay; after the initial weekend, finals prep caught up with me. Poor form, I know.

Pilot is still available.


messaged ingame

3.2B I offer…

Got Message … Still ready … Let me know if still good and Ill send in the isk…

Message received, I am ready to accept offer if you’re still interested.

Just to clarify and deliver! We agreed on 3.2B correct?

Correct, sir. Please include account info and I will initiate transfer.

3.2b Sent to Helluger Waiting on conf/email

Also please omit the account sent to on the thread /but include receipt in email much appreciated.

ISK and account info received, transfer initiated. Fly safe! o7

Great. Ill post when received. tyvm…

A ok! Thanks!

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