Sold: 24M SP Pre-trained pvp/pve character

24M SP includes 150,000 free SP
Eveskillboard Serafina Angelfist (no password)

Positive wallet
Sitting in High Sec system Amarr
No kill rights
Never been out of starting corp
No jump clones (but can have 3)

Full set of +5 implants
1 remap now and 2 bonus remaps

This character was intended to be a pvp/pve char, but i decided to train a character like this on my main. The training is focused on the core skills mostly from these areas: tanking, fitting, drones, navigation, tackling, targeting and weapon support skills.
There are only a few Minmatar ships and weapon skills i have trained so you can easily switch her to any other race, it will take only a few days to get her to the same level.

Armor 3.2M SP
All subcapital armor/hull tanking skills to 5 except Armor Layering 4

Drones 2.9M SP
Drone Interfacing 5
Drone Navigation 5
Drone Sharpshooting 5
Drones 5
Light Drone Operation 5

Electronic Systems 3M SP
Propulsion Jamming 5
Target Painting 5
Signature Focusing 4-5 (better Target Painting)

Engineering 3.4M SP
All fitting (Capacitor, Powergrid and CPU) related skills at 5 except (Advanced) Weapon Upgrades (train on next remap)
Thermodynamics 5 (Overheating)

trained the support skills which can be used for any races ships

Navigation 1.6M SP
Skills for subcapital ships at 4-5

Neural Enhancement 1M SP
Biology 5 (Boosters)
Cybernetics 5 (Implants)
Can have 3 jump clones

Shields 4.3M SP
All subcapital shield tanking skills at 5 except Tactical Shield Manipulation 4

Spaceship Command
Unlocked lots of Tech 2 Ship skills:
Electronic Attack Ships (Now)
Logistics Frigates (Now)
Assault Frigates (Now)
Interceptors (Now)
Covert Ops (Now)
Interdictors (Now)
Logistics Cruisers (Now)
Recon Ships (3d 6h (best remap))
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers (3d 6h (best remap))
Heavy Assault Cruisers (10d 1h (best remap))

Targeting 0.8M SP
Long Range Targeting 5 (not to lose your targets)
Signature Analysis 5 (faster targeting)

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Sorry not enough.

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Still not enough

16.5Bill, that’s all I have currently. Consider it please

Bid retracted, bought another one. GL with sell, perfect starter toon

17.5 B/O

18 billion,space ship skills is too low

Yes, but all characters with this amount of skillpoints will have some skills that are too low. This way it is easy to have a perfect remap and train the skills as fast as possible to a point where you want them.

The other thing is you can even train her as a Gallente, Amarr or Caldari char which will take only a few days to get to the same level as her Minmatar skills.

Funds sent.

Waiting for email confirmation.

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Yes price negotiated ingame. Once a game master replies the character will be moved to your account.

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