[Sold] WTS 38m SP PVP Char (2 mil unallocated) - 2006 born femme fatale


2006 Amarr female specced into Minmatar/Amarr ships, with tons of PVP skills trained to 5 and millions of free SP ready to allocate into whatever you’d like. Hope you can have some good fights with her!

  • 2 million unallocated SP - Can be Loki ready immediately
  • 4 remaps available
  • +4 all attributes and misc implants
  • Clean corp history
  • Security status: -10
  • Wallet: Positive
  • Location: Low-sec station in The Citadel, close to Jita. 1 jump clone in Molden Heath
  • No killrights

Open to offers

20b isk ready now

21b online now

25 billion

26b isk is ready

27 bil

Thanks for the offers, looking for more since I could make 31b extracting her myself

is 28b ok?


bump for pew pew


30 bil

32b buyout spoke in game

Still taking offers


Bump, this is a great char for anyone wanting to do subcap PVP

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Bump, close to 39mil SP now

curious where you got this figure? by my math, you’ll only make about 25b extracting 38m down to 5m…

Market prices at the time:
417 mil per skill extractor
894 mil per skill injector

33,000,000 extractable SP / 500,000 SP = 66 skill extractors
66 * (894000000 - 417000000) = 31,482,000,000 isk