WTS 146 mil sp 2006 char . mostly PVP w/some caps skills

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I’m putting myself up for sale, I have 146 mil SP and current located in amarr


Honorable Mentions:

  • Great Killboard history
  • Great Ship skills across all races
  • Born: April 2006
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status: -1.58

Active Clone:

  • +5 attributes set

4 Jump Clones in Highsec:

  • 1 High Grade Crystal set w/ gypsy ee-605 , snapshot am-705 , inherent squire em-805 , gnome sp904 , zainou rl 1005

  • 1 Empty

  • 1 with a few 3% Hardwirings for Projectiles weapons

and the head full of + 5’s

  • AND**!** I have been forgetting to mention the 152 assorted permenant skins i have injected. l , With the killboard and history , clones and skins this char has, I want at least 141 bil minimum , ill leave it up for a couple weeks at that and see what offers I can get

145 bil isk buyout

Eve mail me in game or here

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1 more week

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price dropped 4/2/18

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141 is the lowest ill take , already turned down 133 , so pm me here or in games if interested

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Sale 141 bil !!

(Kendex) #17

141 bil

(QueenOfEast) #18

110b bo

(Kendex) #19

going down a bil a day so maybe in 22 days

(Errious) #20

132B waiting for sale of my other toon if u want ill send isk