[SOLD] 32M SP Combat Links Pilot

Proof of skillpoints: SkillQ.net - Malfurion Dadunur
Character Sheet

The character is in an NPC corporation
Character currently has 0isk. But 1.2B assets scattered around

No kill rights

No Jump clones
Current clones are all +3s

Character is currently sat in Jita 4-4

20 Bill offer

21bil offer

Thanks both, im gonna keep it open a bit longer, see if i can get over 25 for it :slight_smile:

Hi, can it be that SkillQ link is set to private?

I think ive just fixed it. Sorry never used that before

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Guess ill bump it up for another day or so, maybe leave it over the weekend

25b offer

This char reminds me of the support toon I used to have, but sold for a Plex for Good initiative. Would be cool to have an alt again, I offered 26B originally, but I reconsidered.

Now I remembered that my main has fleet skills already, so it makes no sense for me. I retract this offer, good luck to you!

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Best offer so far, im away until sunday evening so cant sort it right now. But if nobody has outbid you by the time im back ill sort it then

Hi @Aheri_Kouvo Im back from my weekend away.

Still interested?

Yes still interested, good for me to send details/isk?


Offer accepted, send details and ill transfer

Isk and info sent

Character transfer started