**SOLD** WTS 34m SP Links/Fleet support/booster support alt

Skill link
Near perfect fleet support skills. A good 2nd support character to fly links, dictor, cyno, etc.
1,299,836 SP Unallocated

Required info:

  • Wallet: 1mil
  • No kill rights
  • No jump cones
  • In NPC corp and located in Amarr
  • 2 Bonus remaps
    Has implant set currently installed:
  • ocular filter - standard
  • memory augmentation - standard
  • neural boost - standard
  • cybernetic subprocessor - standard
  • social adaptation chip - standard

Not in a rush to sell


24hrs passed, bumping

24hrs passed, bumping

24hrs passed, bumping

Is this character still for sale?

Yep! still for sale. But willing to wait for a good offer (that is a ways above the skill extractor minimum)

Offer retracted


27b offer

28B offer

Will leave this offer open for the next ~48 hours, if no other offers I will accept

How close is she to a fax?

~10 months from mino hull + triage module, no cap skills. Meant as a sub cap booster

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Accepting this offer, waiting for isk and account name

ISK and account name sent

Isk and account name received. Transfer started.

Character received! Thank you for the Transaction.