SOLD 4.7M(.96 Unallocated) SP Astero Ready Scanning/Exploration Alt

I am selling this character. Character was used for exploration in Signal Cartel/Eve Scout. Was able to transit through wormhole/nullsec space safely with a comfortable Astero fit using Covert Ops cloak and make isk through exploration. Has excellent scanning and exploration skills. Some ship skins including Astero Sanctuary Skin (~300mil value). Neutral name.

  1. Positive Wallet
  2. No kill rights
  3. 1 Jump clone in Jita
  4. Character in Jita

Starting bid: 3.5 Bil
Buyout: 5 Bil OBO

Starting bid dropped to 2.5 Bil

2,5 bi

I’ll end the auction in 24 hrs.


2.7 Bill

8 hours left.

2.8 Bil ready to go

I’ll do 3.5 bil immediately, otherwise I’m waiting the other 4 hours. :slight_smile:

3 Bill

Sold for 3B. Standing by to transfer once ISK is received.

3 Bill transferred, sent an in-game mail with receiving account name

ISK confirmed. Transfer initiated.

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