[SOLD]WTS 5M SP Exploration/scout toon

Selling myself: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Matriarch_Morrigan

Positive wallet, located in highsec, no killrights etc (All CCP rules apply)


  • Can fly astero proficiently, with good drone and armour skills, can use covert ops cloak etc
  • Good Scanning and hacking skills
  • Cpu and PG V
  • Amarr Cruiser V

Starting bid : 3b
BO: 5b

3.5b offer

If i dont get a higher bid in a few hours, you win :slight_smile:

Please send the isk as well as your account details of who to transfer to via eve mail and i’ll start the transfer :slight_smile:

Isk and ingame mail sent.


I’ve tried to initiate transfer but it appears that the eve store is down. Tried both creditcard (Details page wont even load) and paypal (Wont progress to even open paypal)

Seeing as i’m not the only one in the issues area of forum i’m presuming the store is down.

I’ll try again in an hour and keep you updated.

No problem, there is no rush.

Problem seems to have been fixed.

Transfer started!

Good to hear! I’ll write here to confirm once the transfer is complete.

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Confirm received.

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