[SOLD]44.3M sub cap pilot. #6 all time Kitsune kills


Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
In NPC corp.
Docked in Jita.
Positive Sec status.
2 Bonus re-maps.
4mil+ free SP

25B offer. ISK on hand

Its showing 44.3 mill sp id advertise it at that as thats what it is with the 4.4 mill free sp is included.

28b ready now

Security Status: -2.424306573. Not positive.

i’ll raise to 29b

Retracting my offer.

29.5b offer.

32B offer

33B offer

33B is current highest offer I’ll close it at 33B tonight 11pm PST US time zone. If there are no other offers

35B,we trade now

Sending in game message

ISK sent

Character is sold and transferred

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