SOLD 5.0m Skillpoints (2D 7H to Exhumer)


I want to sell Get Right.

  • Wallet balance
    0 ISK at time of Transfer
  • Kill rights
  • Jump clones
  • Character location
    Jita (HS)

Get Right has a Resculp available. I know that I am not allowed to sell ingame Items along with the Character itself, but she got this Resculp activated a while ago and I never needed to use it so far. Thus it would be still available for the new Owner.

She needs a total Training Time of 2D 7H to use a Skiff

Please leave your Offers below. Thanks!

B/O: 3.5B

1.8b offered, isk ready

2 b isk

2.1b offer. Ready now

Still for Sale and B/O added.

How much you looking for?

I think i Will bid 2,5b

@Kru_Kedd I would sell this one for 3B. It’s not really worth the Transfer otherwise

Ill think about 3. I get your point

3b b/o @Get_Right

@Anne_Tivianne if @Kru_Kedd does not want her for 3B she will be yours. I am just waiting for his Response.

Ok, I’ll be available until 14:30 Eve. After that it might be a while until I’m in-game again

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retracted my bid

@Anne_Tivianne feel free to send ISK and Account Details in Case you are still interested

@Get_Right Which account details do you need? First time buying char

Please send me the Accountname via Mail (the Accountname of the Account you want me to transfer the Character to).

To clarify which name I need:
I need the Accountname you use on the Launcher to log into your Account.

ISK transferred, mail send

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Thank you. I will initiate the Transfer as soon as I am back Home from Work around 18.00 EVE Time.

I will update the Thread once its done. :slight_smile:

I am at Home now. I’ll initiate the Transfer once the Server is back up!

Transfer was initiated. Enjoy!

Dear xxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Get Right to the account named xxx.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.