[SOLD] 5.4m Skillpoints


I want to sell this Pilot: La Serpe

  • Wallet Balance
    0 ISK at Time of Transfer
  • Killrights
  • Jump Clones
  • Character Location
    Jita (HS)

Please leave Offers below


Is the Epic Arc completed?

Still for Sale

Would you like to make a eveboard.com link? Thank you.

@Norther_Stormrage I don’t know why you are in need of that but you’re welcome: http://eveboard.com/pilot/La_Serpe

Still for Sale

Still for Sale

Still for Sale

I love your name! I would like to bid 3b isk.

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@Jorunn_Jaeger accepted. :slight_smile:

Perfect, do I send you the money and information now ?

That would be perfect, I am ready to transfer right away.

All right, logging as we speak.

One second, I’m trying to find an account with an empty slot to put it.

Information and ISK sent! Awaiting transfer.

Also thank you for updating the state of the title, it’s really annoying to look at a potential pilot you want to buy to then just find out he is already sold.

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So, that girl just packed her things and is on her way to your Account. Enjoy her & thank you very much for the smooth Transaction! It was a pleasure to deal with you :slight_smile:

PS: Somehow I don’t receive Transfer Notifications by CCP today. So if there are any troubles regarding the Transfer just let me know on @Ria_Aquirez so that we can open a Support Ticket, to solve it.

Thank you.

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