[SOLD] 5.4m Skillpoints

(La Serpe) #1


I want to sell this Pilot: La Serpe

  • Wallet Balance
    0 ISK at Time of Transfer
  • Killrights
  • Jump Clones
  • Character Location
    Jita (HS)

Please leave Offers below


(TypingTot) #2

Is the Epic Arc completed?

(La Serpe) #3

Still for Sale

(Norther Stormrage) #4

Would you like to make a eveboard.com link? Thank you.

(La Serpe) #5

@Norther_Stormrage I don’t know why you are in need of that but you’re welcome: http://eveboard.com/pilot/La_Serpe

Still for Sale

(La Serpe) #6

Still for Sale

(La Serpe) #7

Still for Sale

(Jorunn Jaeger) #8

I love your name! I would like to bid 3b isk.

(La Serpe) #9

@Jorunn_Jaeger accepted. :slight_smile:

(Jorunn Jaeger) #10

Perfect, do I send you the money and information now ?

(La Serpe) #11

That would be perfect, I am ready to transfer right away.

(Jorunn Jaeger) #12

All right, logging as we speak.

(Jorunn Jaeger) #13

One second, I’m trying to find an account with an empty slot to put it.

(Jorunn Jaeger) #14

Information and ISK sent! Awaiting transfer.

(Jorunn Jaeger) #15

Also thank you for updating the state of the title, it’s really annoying to look at a potential pilot you want to buy to then just find out he is already sold.

(La Serpe) #16

So, that girl just packed her things and is on her way to your Account. Enjoy her & thank you very much for the smooth Transaction! It was a pleasure to deal with you :slight_smile:

PS: Somehow I don’t receive Transfer Notifications by CCP today. So if there are any troubles regarding the Transfer just let me know on @Ria_Aquirez so that we can open a Support Ticket, to solve it.

(Jorunn Jaeger) #17

Thank you.

(system) #18

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