[Sold] 5.8M SP Mining/Salvaging Alt - Sold

(Bridger Barrow) #1

I am For Sale!

I have PI skills, Mining skills, as well as Basic Salvaging skills!

Level 5:
Reprocessing Efficiency
Light Drone Operations
Ore Industrial
Spaceship Command

2 Remaps

Located in High Sec
Positive Wallet
No Clones

Auction starts at 4B

(Ericka) #2

4.5b ready to buy now

(Bridger Barrow) #3

Can you do 5B?

(Ericka) #4


i will transfer the isk and send account details

(Bridger Barrow) #5

I am online and awaitng ISK and transfer details

(Ericka) #6

isk and account details sent

thankyou for a quick sale

(Bridger Barrow) #7

Transfer Started. Awaiting Confirmation email from CCP.

(Bridger Barrow) #8

|date:|Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 9:30 PM|
|subject:|Character Transfer Initiated|

You have chosen to transfer the character Bridger Barrow to the account named xxxxx.

Enjoy toon, Fly safe. And most importantly have fun!

(system) #9

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