SOLD 51m SP subcap combat pilot

  • In Jita
  • In NPC corp
  • Positive wallet
  • No assets
  • No implants, no other clones
  • 3 remaps available
  • No kill rights
  • Positive security status

Bidding starts at 20 bil.

31bill, if not edited.

28.5 billions

If no other bids come in I’ll accept 29 in 12 hours or so.

30b offer

31B offer

Just to make things easier to follow, could you post your bids as new replies instead of editing this post? Thanks.

31.5b offer

32b offer

recall offer

35 bill offer

Sorry, I was ready to buy another character before your reply, so I withdraw my offer

36 billion accepted, please send isk to Moxieman along with an eve mail with your account info and I’ll initiate the character transfer. Thanks!

Ok, top bid goes to Ms Twitch at 35 then. If you’re still interested, send isk and evemail thanks.

Sorry I am going to have to retract my bid as I have now made a character purchase - shame as this character was my 1st choice :frowning:

wangshouyi is new top bid then, are you still interested?

Can offer 32.5b

Okay, I’ll go ahead and accept 32.5, let me know your account details etc. Thanks.

Isk and account name was sent. Thank you!

Isk received and character transfer initiated. Enjoy!