WTS 34mil SP Pilot

1.3m+ unallocated
2 remaps
no rights
positive wallet
no jc’s
located in high sec

Starting bid 20b, buyout 26b.

Offer 18.5b

Bumper cars rule

19B, up

26 Buyout

I cant match that lol

Still interested! Lets get this done ASAP

Sorry for afk, bid will be accepted if you are still interested.


26 Buyout

27B offer

Auction has gone on long enough, i’ll accept this as the final bid.

Edit: 26bil, first one to reply in game on mail wins. gogo!

I have sent evemail. Hopefully I won the race. Let me know if I can go ahead and send 26 bil for char.

Per in-game evemail, I have sent you the 26 bil and provided my account.

who ?

Hi Prozaca. I have transferred 26 bil to your char as agreed. I have eve-mailed you my account name. Please perform the transfer of Prozaca to my account. Thanks.

Aye, you got there first. Gonna get right on with character transfer.

I have received the Prozaca character.

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