42 mil skill point carrier pilot
Located in null sec
Positive balance
Shouldnt have kill rights but will confirm tomorrow.
Let me know if i forgot anything.

Where is the link?

Sorry its there now.


Asking price?

27bil b/o

Just going with biddings. Who ever has highest bid come end of day today. Right now its at 27bil.

27.5 bil


28 bil

give me a ping before close, ill likely outbid anyone if it’s fair price still. just don’t want to have a bidding war on this thread. don’t have time for that.

I can b\o for 30 bill if you relocated character to highsec and enjoy in NPS corporated

Hey i’m pretty close to calling it. What are you thinking?

I am in npc corp. i may try to get to nearest high sec tonight and take your offer depending on other responses

I can send isk right now.

I’m flying out as we speak.

alright in high sec now.

nice. i can isk send?

Yes i dm’d you

Isk sended