SOLD 51mil sp perfect REV and cyno. very focused

Selling my dread alt.
Really focused.
Also recons.

Comes with complete High grade Amulet set.
Remap available.
Posivite wallet.
NPC corp.
Has Minmatar, gallente and amarr carrier skills injected.
Also minmatar and gallente dread skills injected.

EveSkillboard - Unmirth Mirthyful

Buyout 46 bil.

(post deleted by author)

Apologies, I have refreshed the skillboard and can see the character is in an NPC corp, therefore I have reopened the thread.

Good luck with the sale o/

ISD Bahamut


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I may offer 30

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lets go

31 bil MAX

Sure. You want another set of HG implants for free too ? lol


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35B,only this one offer

make it 37 we have a deal @Vet_Wu

sorry,i have no enough ISK

if you really sell it for 37b i’m in! :slight_smile: