[Sold] 55.7m SP Amarr Carrier/Fax Pilot

For Sale: Seeker Of-Gravitas

DOB: 2014.08.20
Skill Points: 55,733,140 (+20,000 unallocated)
Location: Amarr
Corporation: Viziam
Positive Isk
Positive Standings
No kill rights
No jump clones and no implants
Neural remap available now and 2 bonus remaps

Offers over 28b.

I can buy it for 28B instantly now

30 B offer !

30.5 billion isk

Are you ready to go with that bid?

31B offer

Accepted if you’re ready to go.

I can trade now

Logged in and ready to go.

isk and accout have send email.

Isk received, account details received.

Confirming that transfer has been initiated.

Sale is complete.

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