WTB Amarr focused pilot

SP range: 5-15m

HMU with offers.

I was getting this one ready for sale as its now surplus to requirments and wondered if you would still be interested as its a tad under your 5m sp base.

All the start essentials done or about to be done to Alpha levels

The skill points currently stand in game at 4,214.611 and focused on Amarr only ships.
(No other race skills trained or injected)

Mieke Masdon

Good Name and History (Always in NPC corp)
Positive wallet (7 million)
No Kill rights
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.0
Located in : Sarum Prime in fitted Venture (ship comes with sale)

Timezone UK GMT
I will pay transfer by card, used for this account to-date.
Alt Account which I will transfer the Isk to is Mikieus Monieus

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