SOLD 5m Seven chars for sale, including mining orca/porpoise 4 available

I am going to do a sale of seven pilots to Warika in two waves. If the deal dnot go ahea,d i can sell each one by one

Wave One SOLD
Crimson Oasis, Morning Silence , Battle Procurer will be 7.8 for the three, then send 2.6 to each

Wave two

Drone Rens,Tracy Parker,Urban Hammer, XXXTRADEXXX01 asking 11.2 then 2.8 for each.

All the characters are in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet. all ccp rules. Because are many characters, and credit card payed and as a group. i deliver each wave when i receive the money of all, and can be a little delay between each deliver for credit card reasons. The last pilot to be delivered will be XXXTRADEXXX01 because i need empty him first.

Warika, please sent the isk and the acc name and i begin to send it

I go to enter in a minute with each of them to confirm the sale.


this is a 5.55 points, you can extract injector.
mining orca/purpoise and trader.
want 4b

decent miner/vni with high resilence and drones. and warfare
Mining V
Mining Barge IV
250k unallocated (if you use it can extract right now)
In game 5.5m
want 3b

VNI / good drone
mining V
plagio / veldspar
PI /
275 unalloceted

2.8b, i can sell for 3b in less than a week.

VNI / good drone
mechanics V
is training Industry V currently Now
4.2m ,
want 2.6b

Good drones /VNI
Mining V
some PI
can use mining barge
275k unallocated
4.4m want 2.7

mechanics V
High drones
Mining V
275k unallocated, you can put in Mining barge and get instant Mining barge IV
want 3b


Hull upgrades V
Mechanics IV
Good drones
CPU mnagement V
VNI Pilot
want 2.6b

I am for sale, deal accepted.

I am for sale, deal accepted

I am for sale, deal accepted

I am for sale, deal accepted

I am fror sale, deal accepted

I am for sale, deal accepted

I am for sale, deal accepted

First part agreed. ISK and account details sent.

Second part details to follow soon after.

Crimson oasis delivered. Isk recieved in three pilots of first wave, to be delivered in some hours because is the same account

Battle procurer delivered.

Morning Silence Delivered

Waiting about the second wave characters.

Not response of the possible sell of wave two. If i dont receibve notice tomorrow i were to auction outside the thread, some people show interestf for them.

i will buy the 4. could you please update the thread that 4 are available? also i mean i need to see which pilots that are… i pay your price that you wanted in first post.

I will buy the ramining four

i was first :-)^^

Hello, i want to buy Drone Rens for 3.1 B

Yes the fouyr are available of the second wave.

I am having problems with eveboard, as far i remember thet site make a daily downtime too, but i create the evsekillboard link of each pilot available.

Drone Rens,Tracy Parker,Urban Hammer, XXXTRADEXXX01

I receive anfd offer of 12.5 FROM TheDancer Girl via eve mail for the four, PLEASE SEND 3.5 TO xxtrade and 3 to each of the others. I deliver as soon i can, the last will be the propoise one because need empty him. Iif not response in next six hours i sell to the others.

Please answer the thread when the isk was sent.

Isk sent to the four characters

isk received received, can u send an evemail to inactiveseller with the accounts to send ? i transfer the first three in less than 20 min