[SOLD] 6.4M Gallente/Amarr JF Pilot

Sold to Rick ot Morty

-Amarr Hauler V is not on skillboard

Offer is 4bil

Its interesting, I’m not even able to see the Amarr Hauler skill on the Skillboard, but it shows in the character sheet. Here is a picture of it if that helps

Thanks! This skill was reworked like 1.5 years back so may be not on skill board.
So offer is 4bil, what do you think? Ready to send ISK

4B works for me, there’s just one issue. Upon further inspection, I forgot there was a fee to transfer characters, and as such I will have to wait until Friday (payday) to be able to actually start processing a character transfer :frowning:

Ok, no problem. So I send 4bil now and on Friday you are transferring. Ok?

Are you available to message in game?

SOLD to Rick ot Morty

4bil sent, waiting 17 Feb to be transferred

Character received, transfer finished. Thanks!

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