SOLD - 62M SP, CovOps, Bomber, Logi, HAC, TIII, Recon, Transport

(Davieus) #1

Can fly: Most CovOps, Advanced Frigates, Logi, with high cloaky ship skills

Strategic Cruiser - Gallente skills Maxed
Electronic Attack Ships - V and some maxed EWar Skills
CovOps - V High Scan skills
Bomber - Nemesis Torp and Bombs well skilled
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers IV
Interdictors IV
Interceptors V
Logistics Cruisers V
Logistics Frigates IV
Recon Ships IV
Transport Ships IV
Expedition Frigates V

Mid-grade Virtue Set - 200+ scan strength with Sisters Probes and Launcher - Maxed Scanning skills
Can do many key wormhole roles

Focused mostly on Gallante/Some Amarr, with good clean history, nice easy name and character

Located in Jita 4/4 in NPC Corp

Taking offers. from 45 Billion,
BO 50 Billion

ISK to me and I will pay transfer fee.
EU Time zone for contact and updates.

(Gattanera) #2

48 bil

(Davieus) #3

Thank you Gattanera, if you could add two more billion, it is yours.

:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
(Davieus) #5


On reflection, you have made a fair offer, which I’ll accept if you want to proceed.

(Gattanera) #6

Sending now

(Davieus) #7

Received and much appreciated,

Will initialize the transfer in the next few minutes.

Thanks again

(Davieus) #8

Hi Gattanera

Transfer process started, thanks again, sale much appreciated.

(system) #9

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