SOLD - 23.2m Covops - Bomber - High Scan Strength

Superb Scanner & Bomber Pilot

  • In Helios, Sisters Launcher/Probes, Base Sensor (scan) Strength = 183

  • Full Mid-grade Virtue Implant set worth 1.3 billion + additional Scan/Hack related Hardwiring

  • All Scanning Skills at Level 5

  • Comes with Free Helios and Nemesis / Probes, Bombs and Torpedo’s, good to go

  • In NPC Corp (437 Days) No other Corp History

  • No Kill Rights

  • Only NPC Interactions

  • Positive wallet

  • Remap and two bonus remaps available

  • Millions worth of additional Skill Books injected

  • Nice Name

  • Located in Highsec - Amarr

Start Bid - 18 Billion
Buyout - 23 Billion or best offer

I will pay transfer.
All CCP rules apply.
Sold or unsold, the auction will end on this coming Sunday at Downtime

Perfect scanner, can locate anything in seconds, Combat or Core Probes, plus also a Bomber, fully shipped and equipped and located in Amarr.

Nice highly skilled scanner and bomber, clean Corp history



Sold or unsold, the auction will end on this coming Sunday at Downtime

4 Days to go

3 Days to go, also considering an in-game private offer.

18b,isk ready

Thank you Cai Zhuanxu

Best bid so far, good luck. Thanks o7

Last 21 Hours, auction ends at DT tomorrow,

This perfect scanner, that can locate anything in seconds and also fly’s a Nemesis Bomber, with Bomb launcher and Torpedo skills will have a new owner this time tomorrow.

Comes with Free fully fitted Helios and fully fitted Nemesis / Probes, Bombs and Torpedo’s, good to fly out of the station with.

Eleven hour’s to go, last chance to get a great Cov-ops Scanner and Bomber

Last Call - just under three and a quarter hours to go,

This superbly fast high scan strength Cov-ops and Stealth Bomber will be gone today to the last highest bidder by downtime or buyout before that.

Thank you Cai Zhuanxu

You are the successful bidder Thanks o7

If you want to proceed, send the 18 Billion ISK to [Mikhail Malak] with an in-game email that details the account that you want this character transferred to.

If you no longer want to proceed, please send an in-game mail to let me know you have changed your mind.

pls check,isk and account info had sent.

Hi Cai Zhuanxu

I have received the required ISK and have initiated the transfer to the requested account.

I have received confirmation of the transfer:

Dear *********

You have chosen to transfer the character Mikhail Malak to the account named **********.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you for making the purchase and the prompt payment, I hope you have lots of fun with the character, o7

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