SOLD 63.5 Mil SP PVP/PVP Toon 2004 DOB

All CCP Rules apply

2004 Toon


Un-allocated skill points: 100k

Wallet is positive

No kill rights

Character is currently located in Jita 4-4 in a shuttle.

Security status is (positive)

Full Mid grade amulet set
Remaps : 3

Bid start 50b

48B B/O

48.5B offer

50 B B/O.

51 B ready

52B for this one

53B ready

54b let’s get a margarita for cinco de Mayo

54.5B ready

I will end bidding just after down time

I’ll go 55B if you end it now instead of waiting for downtime. Ready to trade :wink:

Ok deal and sold

Isk and account info sent :slight_smile:

Transfer Initiated at 06:13 GMT

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Timer for you

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