(SOLD) WTS 2004 Character 316M Skillpoints All around character

Interested in selling this character, I don’t use half the skill points he has and I’d rather see if someone else could use him than extract the points.


Character just dropped to NPC corp tonight, skill link may not reflect right away but can be verified with in-game lookup. Currently dock in station in Santola.

Positive Wallet Balance, will be drained to 1 isk prior to transfer is sale occurs.

No Kill Rights

8 Jump Clones. 7 in High Sec, 1 in Low Sec. Some with implants, some without.

Details for clones with implants below:


Character has positive, albeit not impressive Killboard.

All CCP rules apply. I pay transfer fee. Isk to this character.

Will leave auction up for a few days to see how it goes.

Looking to start at 230b Isk, make offer for buyout.

Hopefully I covered all required info, if any questions, can reach out in game or on here.

200b offer

too low, but appreciate the bid.

I can offer you 220b.

still not looking to dip below my initial starting price, thanks for the bid though.

I could give you 230b

Thanks for the bid, going to give it a bit longer but bid noted.

235b Isk ready :moneybag:

250B offer

Thanks for the bids, leaving open a bit longer.

@Sasha-G if still interested let me know if current offer still good.

Sure,agree to sell, I will send you ISK

Will sell. Send isk and acct info to this character and I’ll get the transfer going.

ISK send

Isk received. Sasha-G will provide username when has open character spot for the transfer. I will post again when transfer has been started.

Account information has been sent

Transfer Initiated, thanks for buying.